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Areas Our Team Can Address:

Areas Our Team Can Address:

(including but not limited to)

  • Articulation or sound production errors (slurred or mumbled speech)
  • Ability to formulate sentences or questions (including verb tenses and pronouns)
  • Ability to follow written or verbal directions
  • Basic Concepts; up, down, in, out, on, under, etc.
  • Ability to answer a variety of questions
  • Independent use of questions to gain or clarify information
  • Vocal quality, pitch, tone or inflection
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Repeating what they hear rather than responding
  • Social interaction- eye contact, turn taking, appropriate loudness level for environment and rate of speech
  • Swallowing- coughing, choking during meals, runny nose during or following oral intake, a change in vocal quality, and/or fever following oral intake
  • Liquids or food escaping from the mouth during oral intake
  • Drooling or evident facial weakness
  • Diminished vocabulary
  • Comprehension- auditory and reading
  • Memory-short and long term
  • Identify colors and count items
  • Ability to read
  • Ability to put thoughts into writing
  • Ability to describe an event or tell a story including details
  • Exhibit behaviors due to an inability to express themselves or frustration with communication

Speech Therapy Groups and Programs Available at Unified Therapy Services:

  • Oralfacial Myofunctional Therapy
  • Augmentative Communication
  • Community Based Therapy
  • Social Skills Groups 
  • SOS Feeding 

Services Available At

  • 4121 Pennsylvania Avenue Dubuque, IA 52002

    • 563-583-4003

  • 1690 Elm Street Suite 230 Dubuque, IA 52001

    • 563-583-4003

  • 615 Roosevelt Street Fennimore, WI