One of these applicants has a soft tissue injury?

Unified Therapy Services can tell you which applicants have a soft tissue just 15 minutes!


Employees who are not physically matched to job strength demands are more likely to incur musculoskeletal (MSD) injuries resulting in additional expenses and thus less profit for your bottom-line. Unified Health Services provides an effective method for not only controlling but also reducing these costs by utilizing isokinetic testing.


A pre-employment screening is utilized during the interview process to match the physical capabilities of an applicant to the physical demands of the job. The test is administered pre-offer and is considered a non-medical exam by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The test and results are sent to the employer. The scores correlate to the Department of Labor Strength Levels, that you can implement into job descriptions. If the applicant meets or exceeds the strength qualifications then the employer can be 98% confident the employee will not get hurt performing specified job duties.

Humac Norm technology measures muscle strength and range of motion for the knees and shoulders, while providing objective data. Using isokinetic testing will prevent you from hiring someone with a pre-existing injury who is likely to become your next work comp injury. It also establishes pre-hire baselines that keep the employer in control during work comp injuries and eliminates an employee's ability to "fake" an injury at a later time.

Incumbent Testing is used to establish pre-injury baselines for existing employees. The EEOC requires employers to return injured employees back to their pre-injury level. Without objectively knowing the pre-injury baseline it is difficult for employers to know when an employee has reached his/her pre-injury level. Incumbent testing is considered a non-medical test and can be administered at anytime as long as every employee in the selected job classification is tested at that location.

New Hire Functional Testing Example