Feeding Program

The SOS Approach to feeding assesses and treats children with feeding and weight/growth difficulties. This program integrates many factors, including sensory, oral, motor, behavioral, medical, and nutritional factors. This comprehensive perspective allows us to approach the evaluation and treatment of each child individually. The SOS Approach to feeding evolved from the developmental steps, stages and skills of feeding found in typically developing children. The approach utilizes information about "normal" development to help children progress through typical feeding milestones towards the eventual goals of eating a variety of age-appropriate textures and growing at an appropriate rate. Family education and participation is a critical component of The SOS Approach to feeding. Parents and other caregivers foster progress and generalization of feeding from the clinic setting to other natural environments. Therapy sessions are done individually and/or in groups in our treatment kitchen.

Standardized Tests

Unified Therapy Services strives to be pediatric focused therefore we utilize several standardized tests specific to the pediatric population. Some examples include Peabody Developmental Motor Scales-2, BOT2, SIPT, Sensory Profile, VMI, Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration, TELD, TOLD, One Word Expressive, One Word Receptive, Goldman Fristoe, Rosetti, and many more.