Job Task Analysis

Job Task Analysis (JTA) is an on-site service we provide to our clients to determine the Department of Labor Job Classification for selected jobs. Conducting a JTA involves our trained professionals interviewing incumbent employees and supervisors and observing them perform the required job tasks. We record work postures, reaches, push, pull, and lift forces, along with the frequencies of the job tasks evaluated. The JTA is the most widely accepted and nationally used process for determining valid job content and employment requirements. This can be very useful for several reasons, including:

  • Construct accurate and valid job descriptions
  • Determine legitimate physical job demands
  • Develop and/or validate training curricula
  • Aids occupational health professionals in establishing restricted duty guidelines after an injury
  • Helps you identify areas of a job that may require excessive force and ways to reduce that force through ergonomic changes
  • Ergonomic changes may help reduce on-the-job injury