Isokinetic Testing

Unified Therapy Services has teamed with Industrial Physical Capability Services (IPCS), an industry leader in isokinetic physical capability evaluations. Utilizing the Humac Norm machine (which is used by pro athletes) we plan to better meet the needs of our clients by reducing the probability of developing an overexertion musculoskeletal disorder. Isokinetics is the only form of testing which applies accommodating resistance and creates a force curve for each joint tested. This testing is also the only one that is Objective, Standardized, Non-Discriminatory, Safe, and Legally Defensible.

Pre-Hire Isokinetic Testing

Isokinetic testing using the Humac Norm machine examines dynamic muscle performance of the knees and shoulders. After the testing is complete results will be faxed or emailed to the employer in 24-48 hours. Results will correlate to the Department of Labor Strength Levels. This isokinetic testing technology is 98% predictive at matching a candidate's physical capabilities to the physical demands of the job.

This objective test complies with DOL, DOI, the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations. It is a perfect fit for companies trying to reduce the number of injuries employees incur.

Post Injury Isokinetic Testing

  • Identifies the injured joint
  • Validates the EE's injured joint is back to pre-injury level
  • Address malingering, when present, early in the medical evaluation process
  • Accurately identified current and on-going modified duty capabilities
  • Tracks progress of rehabilitation
  • Is reproducible, standardized, safe, defensible, 100% objective