Why are screenings so important?

Research shows that early intervention can greatly improve a child's development. Screenings offer the reassurance to families that have questions about their child.

What should we expect during a screening?

During the screen, our therapist will assess a child's fine and gross motor skills, sensory responses, speech patterns, and behavior tendencies to see if therapy is recommended or if they are developing at a typical pace/rate. The therapist will ask what concerns you have and functional results you will like to see.

Can I attend with my child?

Absolutely! Parents, guardians, or caregivers are required to attend the free screening. We want your child to be as comfortable as possible and oftentimes, that's with you! Our therapist will have questions related to developmental tendencies and would like your input on the child's typical presentation with physical tasks, emotional responses and daily behaviors.

What is the difference between screen and evaluation?

A screen is a quick overview to see if there are any areas of development that would benefit from a formal evaluation. Evaluations included formal assessments, standardized testing, and recommendations with a plan of care/goals for ongoing therapy sessions.

Do we need a referral from a primary care provider to have a screen?

No, referrals are not required! If you are having concerns or just want to check your child's development we are here to help! If an evaluation is recommended you may need a referral based on your insurance guidelines....great news we provide courtesy calls to your insurance company and directly communicate with your primary care provider.

When can we schedule and how long does the appointment take?

Screenings usually take about 30 minutes and can be scheduled by calling our Patient Care Coordinators during regular business hours at (563)583-4003. We offer screens at all our pediatric clinic locations and usually have availability within the same week!