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Who We Are

Who We Are

Unified Therapy Services strives to provide the highest quality comprehensive care to individuals with special needs. We believe in a collaborative approach that includes a team of therapists, physicians, medical professionals, care staff, patients, and families. Working together, we yield quicker and more functional results.


Unified Therapy Services plans to be a leader in the community, to promote the highest quality health care in the area. We strive to be the "go to" people in the areas our company is located with updated training and specialties. Our vision for the future includes outreach clinics. All of the clinics will have a management team that is involved and participates as an integral portion of the day-to-day operations, as well as, being active in the community.

Company History

Unified Therapy Services is a dream that the beginning foundations were put into place in January of 2005 when Gina Blean and Kelly Heysinger signed a commitment to their thoughts, ideas, and partnership. The opening day in Dubuque was April 3, 2006.

Pediatric Focused

Our pediatric therapist team utilizes a collaborative approach to facilitate the exceptional standards for rehabilitative care. In addition to therapist's Master and Doctoral degrees, the therapy staff focuses their required continuing education hours on pediatric topics and specialty areas. Not only is our staff committed to helping children, our rooms are specifically designed with state of the art equipment, kid-friendly artwork and lighting designs, and standardized testing materials for the pediatric populations needs.

What sets us apart?


We offer free screenings to all potential patients, this process identifies the appropriate therapy needs of each patient and prevents unnecessary evaluations and expense to both the patient and his/her insurance carrier. Our licensed therapists, a combination of Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists; utilize normative data and best practice standards for each discipline.


Upon start up of our company, UTS had three employees and has grown to more than 27 team members and is continuing to grow. Unified Therapy Services has been located in Dubuque since April of 2006. In our years of quality service, Unified Therapy Services' owners have received the Neil Smith Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2010, Organizational Impact Award in 2010, and the State of Iowa Small Business Person(s) of the Year in 2011.


We strongly believe in constant communication with the patient, family, physician(s), school staff, and care agencies. We pride ourselves in educating those involved in the patient care on each individual's current goals, progress and concerns. These 3 topic areas are frequently discussed to assist with our goals of functional community members. Monthly updated plans of care are mailed to the primary physician to let them know if our services are benefiting the patient or if another option is necessary. We recommend parent and staff involvement in therapy and also provide home exercise programs along with performance meetings. Throughout our time in Dubuque we have established many working relationships and collaborated with a variety of other medical professionals. In addition to our care we recommend other services when warranted.


We work hard to accommodate patient's individual needs for scheduling and communication styles. Current hours of operation: M-Th 8am til 6pm,and Fridays 8am to 12:30pm.


All parties involved can be confident that continuity of care is a priority for both locations as UTS continues to provide pre-authorizations and insurance verifications for all patients, while still accepting a wide variety of health insurances. We are active participants in legislature staying in contact with the Governor, Senators and Representatives to fight for the needs of our patients. Our Billing Specialists provide one on one consultation including verification of benefits, grant assistance and Iowa Medicaid application education. We offer free screenings to all area daycares and preschools to assist with early invention needs.

Unified Therapy Services' patients will receive the focused attention and customized personal care for the duration of their treatment, by highly qualified therapy staff, with exceptional standards for rehabilitative care. Unified Therapy Services, therapist owned and nationally recognized, will continue to set the bar by exceeding customer expectations with platinum customer services & by providing the highest quality of care in a friendly and encouraging environment.