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Who we are

Who we are

Unified Therapy Health Services opened in 2012 to meet the needs of adult patients in the tri-state area. We specialize in the treatment of orthopedic and sports related conditions. Unified Therapy, therapist owned and nationally recognized, will continue to set the bar by exceeding customer expectations with platinum customer service and by providing the highest quality of care in a friendly and encouraging environment!


Unified Therapy Services plans to be a leader in the community, to promote the highest quality health care in the area. We strive to be the "go to" people in the areas our company is located with updated training and specialties. Our vision for the future includes outreach clinics. All of the clinics will have a management team that is involved and participates as an integral portion of the day-to-day operations, as well as, be a part of the networking within the community.

Company History

Unified Therapy Services is a dream that the beginning foundations were put into place in January of 2005 when Gina Blean and Kelly Heysinger signed a commitment to the thoughts, ideas, and to their partnership. The opening day in Dubuque was April 3, 2006.

Our adult physical therapy practice also performs pre-employment screenings, incumbent evaluations, as well as; return to work/functional capacity evaluations (FCE's), and joint comparisons utilizing CRT's standardized isokinetic testing as part of Worker's Compensation & Industrial Rehabilitation.

What sets us apart?

Our Therapists

Unified Therapy Health Services' therapists are accredited and licensed in the State of Iowa, receiving continuing education multiple times a year. We are committed to staying up to date on therapy techniques & research, helping you to recover faster.

Our Care

You will recognize the benefits while receiving the quality of care you deserve, with one on one attention & an individualized treatment plan, specific to your needs. Our highly qualified therapy staff have exceptional standards for rehabilitative care by following best practice.

What Sets Us Apart

Evidence Based Practice

We currently employ licensed Physical Therapists that hold doctoral degrees. Our therapists utilize science and best practice standards for each discipline. We incorporate isokinetic testing as part of our services; the objectivity of the testing enables us to yield more accurate and faster results then other facilities that do not use this testing.


Upon start up of the company, Unified Therapy had three employees and has grown to more than 27 team members. Unified Therapy Services has been located in Dubuque for over six years. In our years of quality service, Unified Therapy Services' owners have received the Neil Smith Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2010, Organizational Impact Award in 2010, and the State of Iowa Small Business Person(s) of the Year in 2011.


We strongly believe in constant communication with the patient, employer, insurance case manager and physician. We strive to frequently educate those involved in patient care on each patient's current goals, progress and concerns to assist with our overall goals of returning your patients to their jobs and their prior level of function. Documentation is provided in a timely fashion prior to patient's appointments to your facility. We feel it is valuable in the care of your patients to let you know if our services are benefiting the patient or if another option is necessary.


We accommodate your patient's individual needs for scheduling and communication. Current hours of operation: M-Th 8am until 6 pm Fridays 8am to 3:00 pm, other times by appointment. We believe that no patient should have to wait to receive physical therapy and therefore we are able to see a patient within 24 hours. Consultation can happen in many forms based on your preference: phone call, email, fax etc.

Helping You

Our therapists two main goals with each patient are: 1.Reduce the inflammatory process and 2. Provide appropriate rehab to increase strength and endurance in a timely fashion. If we are not meeting our goals we will return your patients back to you for further follow up and alternative options. Our intentions are to help your patients and reduce your frustrations as a physician. We recognize the EEOC's rules, including the employer's job to identify injured joint or body part and requirement to return patient to pre-injury level for all workers compensation rehab. Patients, employers and physicians can be confident that continuity of care is a priority for both of our locations.UTS will continue to provide pre-authorizations and insurance verifications for all patients, and still accept a wide variety of health insurances.

Unified Therapy Health Services' patients will receive the focused attention and customized personal care for the duration of their treatment. We only employ highly qualified therapy staff that provides exceptional standards for rehabilitative care. Unified Therapy Services, therapist owned and nationally recognized, will continue to set the bar by exceeding customer expectations with platinum customer services & by providing the highest quality of care in a friendly and encouraging environment.